Latin American racial and cultural diversity

Latin America is one of the world's most racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse regions. Despite this, U.S. American society has created an image of a homogeneous monolith when it comes to those aspects.
The point of this tumblr is to display the diversity among the different populations located in Latin America, specifically the racial and ethnic diversity.

I'll be focusing on the following groups:

1) The Native American or Indigenous people of Latin America:

These are descendants of the original pre-Columbian inhabitants of the region that make up a variety of different distinguished ethnic groups. They include Quechuas, Wayyus, Mayans, Guaranis, Mapuches, Aymaras, Emberas, Zapotecs, Garifuna, Miskitos and Payas.

2) White Latinos (which include three groups):

a) Criollos or Creole Whites: descendants of European colonizers from Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, and Britian.

b) Post-colonial immigrants from: Spain (including Basques, Catalans, Andalusians, Canarians, and Galicians), France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Ireland, Wales, other countries of Europe and the United States.

c) Immigrants from the Middle Eastern countries such as: Armenia, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. They're generally grouped with Europeans as whites in all Latin American countries.

3) Black Latinos:

Descendants of enslaved Africans taken to the region by European colonizers. Some of the ancestral groups of Black Latinos include: Yorubas, Mandinkas, Kongos, Makuas, Ewes, Akans, Igbos, Fulanis, and Malagasies.

Black Latinos can be separated into different groups.

a) Criollo or Creole Blacks: descendants of the blacks that were absorbed into the general population of a country or region.

b) Cimarrons/Quilombolas/Maroons: descendants of runaway African slaves such as the Palanqueros that were isolated and able to retain more of their African cultural practices

c) Chombos/Cocolos/English Creoles: descendants of Black Anglo-Caribbeans found mostly along coastal Central America, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

4) Asian Latinos (which make up two groups)

a) The descendants of coolies. These were primarily Chinese people taken to Cuba, Panama, Peru to work as indentured laborers.

b) The descendants of immigrants that came mainly from Japan and China to different parts of Latin America. Other ethnic groups include Filipinos and Koreans.

Mixed-race Latinos. Latin America is without a doubt one of the most racially mixed places in the world and mixed-race people make up the majority in many countries of the region.
The most common mixtures include:

a) Mestizos/Caboclos/Cholos: the mixed-race descendants of European and Indigenous people.

b) Mulatos/Mulâtres: the mixed-race descendants of European and African people.

c) Zambos/Cafuzos/Marabous: the mixed-race descendants of Indigenous and African people.

d) Afro-Mestizos: the mixed-race descendants of Indigenous, African, and European people.

e) Other mixtures such as: Blaisians, Eurasians, and Multiracial people.

Faces of Paulistas (Part ll)

A mosaic of White, Black, Asian, and mixed-race Brazilians from the city of São Paulo, Brazil

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